The Prognosis and Management of the Neurogenic Bladder

This web site is the result of more than 35 years experience in the care of patients with neurogenic vesical dysfunction related to spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, and myelodysplasia.

There are aspects of the care of these patients which are quite unique to this population and as such are unknown to most medical professionals. In the past care of patients with spinal cord injury occurred almost exclusively in specialized centers. This leads to isolation of patients with neurological problem from mainstream medicine with both good and bad effects. Care was directed and specialized in such centers but remained isolated so that the principle of that care, which were developed over a relatively short period of time remain rather unknown to the general medical community with predictable results.

Patients and conditions depicted in this site are drawn from a busy neurourology practice with the full knowledge and consent of the subjects who understand this is an educational endeavor.



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