Significance of UTI in SCI  

Facts about UTI in SCI patients

  • UTI was the second most frequently reported complication in chronic SCI with an annual incidence of 20% [Whiteneck 1992].
  • The overall rate of UTI in SCI patient is about 1.82-2.5 episodes per patient per year [Waites 1993; Siroky 2002].
  • UTIs interfere with rehabilitation, and may lead to secondary urologic complications [Garcia 2003]
  • Genital infections can lower fertility in SCI patients [Allas 1986]

UTI-related Mortality

  • Death due to chronic renal failure is now unusual, whereas septicemia, in many cases from a UTI, remains a leading cause of death [DeVivo 1993].
  • UTIs and other urologic complications were a primary cause of death after SCI [Burke 1960; Freed 1966].
  • Mortality from urinary sepsis is 10-15% in patients with SCI [Whiteneck 1992].
Key Points of This Section
  • UTI is common in SCI patients and can be dangerous if obstruction is present and bladder pressures are high.
  • Other factors as stone formation, foreign bodies in the urinary tract (catheters), loss of ureteral peristalsis related to chronic obstruction play a role, but control of pressure is the most effective method to ameliorate the risk of chronic bacteriuria.


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